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What is Gymstick

The latest innovative fitness tool that is specially designed to tone and define every muscle in your body. It is a fiber glass stick, tube-like foam grips over stick and two tube-like exercise bands, which have a special fabric loop at both ends.

Gymstick has developed four main products, which offers fitness enthusiasts an easy and effective way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. The Gymstick concept includes effective forms of exercising outdoors and indoors: Gymstick Original for indoors/outdoors, Telescopic Gymstick for indoor/outdoors, this portable equipment can be taken along on trips.

Gymstick Nordic Walking for outdoors and Gymstick Aqua for water. These safe and effective activities are one of the best forms of exercise anywhere and anytime.
Gymstick exercise offers a very motivating way to improve your physical condition, to control weight and to take care of your personal well-being individually or with groups. It simply and effectively delivers a comprehensive toning, strengthening and fat burning workout whilst enhancing balance, posture and core strength.

Professional athletes, fitness trainers and physiotherapists worldwide use Gymstick because it delivers real results. Gymstick works all the major muscle groups as well as the small supporting muscle groups used for balance and coordination.


  • Use Gymstick to improve:
    • Muscular strength & endurance, fat loss & toning
    • Cardiovascular fitness
    • Core strength & posture
    • Mobility, balance, flexibility & coordination
  • Storage of the Gymstick is easy as it fits anywhere
  • It can also be used to perform explosive exercises, for example: Jump Squats or Jump Squats with Military Press
  • The stick and exercise bands that make the Gymstick can also be used separately.
  • Gymstick is ideal for people with back problems, because it is possible to do several different exercises while lying on the back, thus considerably reducing the strain on your spine.
  • Using Gymstick to train the muscles used in such sports as volley-ball, martial arts, golf, tennis, baseball, hockey, rock climbing, soccer, running and many other sports will bring favorable effects on the performance.
  • Gymstick is ideal for Fitness Clubs, Home Training, Outdoor Training, Office Workout, Professional Sports Junior / Senior and Travelling Workout.
  • Gymstick is suitable for people of all ages and it's safe to use .